What is Bluetooth® Technology?
Bluetooth is a cable replacement technology working on the 2.4 Ghz frequency.

It was developed by a group called Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), formed in May 1998. The founding members were Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, IBM and Toshiba.

It is designed to be an inexpensive wireless personal networking system for many types of portable devices such as laptops, PDA`s (Personal digital assistants), mobile phones and headsets. Bluetooth can also replace cables for fixed devices such as desktop computers and printers. A device has to be Bluetooth enabled (i.e. contain a Bluetooth chip) to be able to use a Bluetooth connection.


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CIT-MALTA Hands-free communication

Enjoy true hands-free communication with the SouthWing Bluetooth Headsets…

SouthWing wireless products are designed to provide total freedom and convenience in your communications.
With the SouthWing range of Bluetooth© wireless headsets, you can enjoy true hands-free communication. Picture yourself having phone conversations with total freedom of movement without the usual tangle of wires!

The range comprises five stylish and ergonomic Bluetooth© wireless headsets:
SH315, SH310, SH305, NeoVoice USB and Neo-507

For exclusive use in the car, the SouthWing Bluetooth© Car Kits Neocar and SC705 are the ideal hands-free device. With no installation required and superior audio quality, communicating while driving becomes a delightful experience.

Where do I buy ?

The first headset with the PushTM favourite number button.The SH305 is aimed at the cool, fashionable user who seeks a stylish headset with a unique personal design.


Definitely active
The SH310 is designed for the dynamic user who's always on the move.

The SH315 is the ideal choice for users who want a comfortable headset with an elegant and discreet design.


With its distinct design, the SH505 blends in unique features such as touch sensitive controls, which allow volume control by touching the headset’s surface and a PC application. It has an extended talk-time of 10 hours and the practical Push4TM favourite number button, which allows storing a favourite number for direct dialling, with no need to use the handset.

Neo - 507
Compatible with all Bluetooth phones, Neo-507 matches every user need with several charging options, colours and a unique set of business features.


NeoVoice USB
Comfort and style combined with leading-edge performance and the convenience of USB charging.

Combining mobile calls and stereo music listening, the SA505 stereo headset brings hands-free convenience to your everyday activities.


Enjoy hands-free conversation anywhere with the SF505. Designed to slip into your pocket, you can bring it wherever you need to. In the car, it may be clipped to the visor for safe driving. In the office and at home, it can be used for conference calls or simply to talk without being tied to the phone. Free your hands in any situation.

The NeoCar Bluetooth Car Kit offers the user a true hands-free quality driving experience. Thanks to DSP audio processing technology with echo cancellation, a flexible microphone and the best available electronic components, NeoCar unveils outstanding audio quality levels perfectly suited to the noisy environment of a car.


The SC705 takes car kits to a new level. Its leading features such as an illuminated keypad and LCD screen make it a great companion for safe night driving.

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